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  • Brings back the functionality of tsadmin which Microsoft removed and replaced with Server Manager in 2012/R2 servers.
  • Uses existing command line/powershell tools already built into the Windows operating system to return results which RDSAdmin then read's and displays in the console.
  • Connects to session hosts servers running on 2003/2008/2012+R2 editions.
  • Shadow user sessions running on 2003/2008/2012+R2 servers.
  • Send messages to all or individual users on selected server(s).
  • Logoff all or individual users on selected server(s).
  • End processes on selected server(s).
RDSAdmin 3rd Party Requirements
Domain Administrator rights/or local administrator rights over a remote RD Host server.
Powershell v1.0+ (used to query 2012/R2 rd servers).
Sysinternals pskill process (End/Kill remote processes).

Restrictions beyond my control
Windows 8/8.1/2012+R2 does not include the shadow.exe program so shadowing a 2003/2008+R2 will not be possible.

RDSAdmin is currently in BETA and after the 30 days the evaluation period will expire at which time registration is required to continue using the software.
Depending on whether RDSAdmin is still in BETA at this time or not will determine if you receive an extended trial key for continued use.

Contact Carl Green at for further information.

Carl Green,
10 May 2015, 07:23