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Usage: Connects to a remote host using Netsupport remote control client.
Application: %ProgramFiles%\Remote Control Manager\scripts\RunAndHide.exe
Parameters: %ProgramFiles%\NetSupport Manager\runscrip.exe "%ProgramFiles%\Remote Control Manager\scripts\NetSupport-View.scp" /B /Vhostname="$hostname$:$portno$/TCP" /Vusername="%computername%/PASSWORD"
Default Port: 5405

What is RunAndHide.exe ?
This program hides runscrip.exe window as without it you end up with multiple runscrip windows.How do I pass the NetSupport Client password to the remote host for automatic login?See /Vusername= above and replace PASSWORD with the encrypted version of the password. You will have to create the password using the NetSupport Script Editor program that ships with Netsupport. Once loaded create a New Script then select Edit / Insert Password. Enter the password and NetSupport will then convert it into an encrypted password. Copy and Paste this password onto the Parameters command line. Also note that if you have servers that use different NetSupport passwords then its recommended you enter the Netsupport password under the Device Password field and changed the /Vusername to "%computername%/$password$".