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RCM v1.4.x does not run after installation

On running Remote Control Manager nothing happens.  
If your sound card is enabled you get a stop sound alert.
The problem can be caused by Visual Themes or Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

To workaround the problem either disable Visual Themes under the Compatibility options for the Remote Control Manager shortcut or exclude rcm.exe from the DEP Exclusion list.

  1. Right click My Computers and goto Properties.
  2. Select the Advanced Tab.<br />[*]Click on the Settings Button under the Performance section.
  3. Select the Data Execution Prevention Tab.
  4. Enable the option Turn on DEP for all programs and services expect those I select:
    Click on the Add button and add C:\Program Files\Remote Control Manager\rcm.exe
  5. Click OK to all windows and reboot your pc if requested.